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Date: 2018-02-13 14:36

for starters this girl does not belong in charleston and i 8767 m SO glad she realized that so quickly. if you LOVE atlanta and all of its glory, charleston is probably not for you (look at ANY picture online and you can tell the difference) Atlanta is NOT a southern city and I don 8767 t care what you say i will never change my mind about that. if she thinks that all of charleston is white blondes she must of had her eyes closed the entire time she was there or she only saw me and my sisters while she was there with all of our whiteness and blonde hair (sorry we don 8767 t have as many people in our town as her precious atlanta does). Also, you don 8767 t go on vacation to a place and say 8775 this would to be exactly the same if i were to move here 8776 no one says that because that 8767 s not how it works.. you go on vacation to see the best of the city you are visiting, not the whole picture. Next thing that got to me is this quote 8775 But, as we Southerners like to say, LAWD, Y’ALL! 8776 you are not from the south, you are not southern, just because you live below the Mason-Dixon line does not automatically classify as a southerner (sorry), you are in your own words a 8775 northern transplant 8776 so don 8767 t claim to be a southerner. If she claims that charleston is boring and that there is nothing to do then again her eyes were closed the entire time she was here.. if i listed eveything there was to do in charleston this comment would be about 65 pages longer (minimum).. if she wants to not be bored in charleston she can call me and i will show her everything it has to offer (not really cause I don 8767 t really want to meet her, let alone spend time with such a shallow minded individual). She talks about finding 8775 home 8776 and then turns around and bashes people for staying in their hometown all their lives (kind of hypocritical if you ask me). Aside from college i have lived in the same house (in charleston) my entire life and if there was a vet *censored* in charleston i would still be there no questions asked! im not even gonna comment on the food criticism because there are more restaurants in charleston than i could ever visit in my entire life (so again her eyes were closed). the dating aspect there 8767 s probably a reason she 8767 s still single (just saying) sorry but the chance of you finding a perfect man at 66pm in a bar on King street is highly unlikely just as it probably is in any other bar in the country, if you have met a husband in a bar then props to you cause bars serve alcohol, alcohol makes you drunk, being drunk is not the best state of mind to find a life partner in all honesty i hope this article goes viral and that some people start believing her so that they stop moving to charleston and making it a completely different city than it used to be from even 65 years ago.. i wish whole-heartedly that Charleston was the town that my father used to tell stories about but unfortunately so many people have realized that it is a great town (NOT FOR EVERYONE) and many many people are moving there every single day obviously its not as bad as she is portraying it to be.. im glad for her that she figured out what makes her happy but i just wish that she had been a *censored* more polite about it (with all her southern hospitality) and not bashed the city that i absolute love and hope to end up with for the rest of my life (yes i want to be a 8775 lifie 8776

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In the end I don 8767 t really think people care about the fact that you 8767 re unmarried or whatever I think they care more about the fact that you 8767 re an asshole who just insulted and entire state full of people. Way to white-wash and stereo type everyone in a city. Good idea isolating and disregarding hundreds of years of African American suffering and history because you can 8767 t see it in Mt. Pleasant and King St. Downtown. (I 8767 m sorry people aren 8767 t put on display for you as amusement) You clearly stayed in a certain part of Charleston which doesn 8767 t make 8775 us all the same 8776 it makes you an asshole who won 8767 t leave your own damn ivory tower. I 8767 d pretty much chalk up you being board to your personality or lack there of. I get it you 8767 re adventurous because you like 8775 fly fishing and seeing new places 8776 forget seeing actual history and culture noooo that isn 8767 t authentic enough for you. Im not even going to touch on your whole food thing because that 8767 s just ignorance at its finest. Also why even comment on the men? Was your only goal in coming to Charleston to get you a man? That whole bit kinda undercuts your pro-feminism undertone. Making it seem like the dating pool should be a factor in where you move.? YOU SHOULD BE TEACHING YOUNG INDEPENDENT WOMEN (people in general) TO MOVE BECAUSE THEY WANT TO SEE A NEW PLACE AND HAVE NEW ADVENTURES NOT PURLY TO FIND A PARTNER. That other idea is just insulting. I 8767 m not saying South Carolina or Charleston is the perfect place to live. Heck I don 8767 t even like living here all the time. It really is not a fit for everyone and if you do actively hate it this much then yes you should move. There is still people with backwards morals and aristocratic views. Those type of people are slowly becoming the minority but that is an idea that still faces all americans just in different ways. Don 8767 t give that as an excuse to accuse a whole state of being ignorant, there are ignorant people everywhere. (As proven by this article and by comments made on both sides) There are good people and bad people everywhere. I have lived in both the North and the South and I can say I have preferences but I understand I 8767 m only seeing one (very small) side of people, you can 8767 t judge everyone based on that. So in an act of solidarity I will now say something I don 8767 t think I 8767 ve ever said sincerely and will probably never say again but Bless your heart.

Southern Charm-less: A City Girl’s Take on Life in Charleston

to Mackenzie
The Bryan Crabtree Show I 8767 ve been here 67 years and have really no complaints about what Charleston has allowed me to do. There is a ton of opportunity here. With that said, I can 8767 t find a single thing in error that she has asserted. I 8767 ve been successful here because of people like her. Hundreds of them have called me to sell their homes in the past 69-65 years because they (in their words) 8775 want to get out of here. 8776 They 8767 ve shared their business stories with me, told me how arrogant they find the locals (meaning born here or agree with the those that are born here regardless of how long you live here). If I assert an opinion on public policy, my point is rarely debated by a local they immediately turn to 8775 how long have you lived here 8776 BS and dismiss me as an irrelevant citizen with no right to opinion regardless of how many people I 8767 ve employed, currently employ or the taxes I pay. Purpose here is sitting outside in the bugs in 655 degree heat watching the World go by, instead of getting out there and helping people who are struggling getting active in Charity or Church or taking a stand on things that break your heart. We have some of the worst *censored*s in the Country and we elect and re-elect politicians who take normal evil politics to a level nearly untested in America. And, then (Bobby Harrell former speaker of the house) when they plead guilty of the crimes they committed 95% of his district still votes for him because he was still on the ballot. Charleston is a beautiful place. In fact, I 8767 m not sure there is a more beautiful city in The United States. And, it might be top ten in the World. Very few can argue that. But, Good God people!!!!!! Beauty is only skin deep. We still act like we are a segregated society (a client told me that three weeks ago), we leave our *censored*s behind to be abused by parents, the men in our state are the most violent of any state against Women and we show up late for work and leave early here in Charleston. If what I 8767 ve just described offends you, you either are not part of that, because you are the exception and not the norm OR you are offended because, I 8767 ve described your inner feelings. When I shop in Atlanta, I get treated with respect as if my business is appreciated. When I shop in my own city, I 8767 m treated like I 8767 m bothering the person who 8767 s goods and/or services I 8767 m about to acquire. It disgusts me and it 8767 s part of our culture. You can say, 8766 well if you don 8767 t like it move 8776 and you 8767 ll then be part of the apathy that is the problem unwilling to admit, address and change. We have a lot of work to do here to be as beautiful inside our city as our city appears to be. And thank God that Boeing, Boesch, Daimler and others are moving in because a rising tide does lift all boats and Lord knows we need to raise the bar, raise the tide and improve our standards of living. We owe it to God as part of our Faith (and to put our 655% in everything we do) and we owe to the future for our *censored*s and grand-*censored*s. Now, let many throw their daggers at me as Charlestonians do when someone dares to call out the wrongs of our arrogant society.

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